XdHacks 2019

Hack through life with design

Branding, Print, UX, Web Dev

Connect. Learn.

Creating a hackathon for all

Xdhacks 2019 is a 24 hour Hackathon, an overnight event where students brainstorm, create, and pitch their ideas to a professional jury. The event provides opportunities for students to connect across disciplines by working with likeminded individuals to create an innovative solution to societal issues.

Our mission was to create a cohesive brand for the event, with designs ranging from promotional material, to website design and swag.  

Naturally, the colors chosen were vibrant and energetic, with primary & secondary colors that range across the spectrum, reflecting the inclusive nature of the event. The playful tones reinforced with a hexagonal shape borrow from the recurrent theme: puzzle pieces forming a greater whole.

Style guide

Bright Sun

Let’s dive into

The Branding

Fit your demographic


Illustrations are drawn with purpose to attract, inform, and excite students to be part of the event. Illustrations inspire action.

Be part of a community

T-shirts and swags

All participants are given swags and t-shirts to strengthen the community and sense of belonging. This isn't a competition. It's community building.

Sparking interest

From Digital to Print

Start showing off

The Website

The website is the central hub for all participants, volunteers, mentors, and potential sponsors. Accessibility were emphasized through colours, simple layout, fonts, and illustrations to attract as many students as possible.

Reimagined success

Event overview

The cheers and excitement that spurred before, during, and after the event were the result of the coherent bodies of work. The impact our branding had on the success of the event was unimaginable.

The brand consistency present throughout the project had amazed me and others as well. I was immediately convinced that the event was going to be a success.
XdHacks 2019 Participant
Student, Vancouver