AI Customer Experience (AICX) for global enterprise

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Hermes, God of languages.

Greek inspired illustrations to push a company with god-like Artificial Intelligence technology to the international scene. 

Machines are increasingly better at deciphering English. However, the 5 billion other people are missing a technology powerful enough to translate and automate fluid communication in their native language. 

Sinitic Inc. automates the multilingual customer experience for industries like iGaming and Regulators, using cutting-edge natural language processing (NLP) technology. They are the leaders in the Asian market and now have offices around the world. 

In an effort to differentiate Sinitic from traditional, and most basic bot-makers, Castle Lab pushed Sinitic on the international scene crafting a bold brand that stands for advanced technology and industry-specific expertise using Greek god Hermes.

Pulling from talent across the globe, our studio collaborated with two foreign illustrators, a graphic designer and a local development studio to make this happen and create one of the most visually powerful AI brands and intuitive platforms so far.

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Visual Identity

God-like technology

Bring life to your product

Custom Illustrations



Market supervisors rely on Sinitic’s AICX solution to decrease complaint resolution costs and increase financial inclusion in developing regions.



The iGaming industry is one of the fastest growing industries for customer support and Artificial Intelligence.



Don't waste months labelling data to strengthen machine learning solutions. There's a faster and more powerful way.



Don't deploy basic chatbots that fail to leap across dialogue steps. There's a faster and more nimble way.



Don't waste staff resources on checking chat logs and updating dialogue. There's a faster and more accurate way.



Don't waste expensive staff time on repetitive customer chats. There's a faster and more efficient way.



Don't waste staff on manual case creation and categorization. There's a faster and more precise way.

Presenting the product

Web Design

Get the best talent

Team page

Working with a team as talented and responsive as Sinitic’s was a pleasure. Putting their team at the center of the rebrand was an important mission to reflect their values and to attract new hires as they expand around the world.

Transparent Pricing

Pricing page

Most tech / SaaS pricing pages lack transparency and often fail to indicate the direct benefits associated with using a certain product. UX designers at Castle Lab built a custom ROI calculator for more detailed returns. 

Powerful technology


Unlike many bot-making softwares, Sinitic's HermesAI™ is powered by a proprietary natural language processing (NLP) engine. The challenge was to differentiate basic bot-makers from a leader in the AICX. 

With stakeholders as as big as the Central Bank of the Philippines, our platform requires a level of excellence in design that has been matched only by our friends at castlelab. Hats off!
Curtis Matlock
CEO, Sinitic AI