Reinventing the sponsorship experience

Branding, UI / UX, App Development

Make it personal.

The most transparent and engaging way to sponsor a kid’s education.

Sponsors rarely see how far their money goes. Due to a lack of communication and transparency in the system, sponsors ignore who the kid is, and whether he / she is performing well.

Pledgee is a mobile app that serves two purposes. First, it matches you with a child and uses AI to determine what is the best donation amount. Secondly, Pledgee tracks your donations and keeps you updated about the kid’s progress.

Create an application to track progress and donations in a transparent and engaging way:

•  Sign-up system
•  AI-based recommentation system
•  Subscriptions tiers
•  Payment platform
•  Progress tracker & notifications
•  Expense tracker

Style guide

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Target the youth


Millennials are increasingly politically engaged, but ignore how they can have a positive impact. Pledgee is leading the movement towards reinventing the sponsorship experience, while targeting students and young professionals.

Hi, Emilio!

Build a connection.

Access your child’s profile at the tip of your fingers, and browse their recent academics and extra-curricular activities.

Smart recommendations


Pledgee makes data-driven recommendations to assess where you can have the most impact, however small your donation is.

Make donating fun again

Payment integration

Being approached in the streets and pressured into donating towards an unknown, if not fake, cause makes it an unpleasant experience. What if we could change that? 

Aaaaand, the money's gone. 

Transparent donation system

Donating is like a black box, nobody knows how it really works, but we trust it blindly. Pledgee keeps track of where your money goes and makes you feel good about donating.

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When searching for the right branding partners, Castle directly stood out from the crowd: the level of quality and consistency in their work is unmatched. From day one, we collaborated with their team as if we were one company.
Daanyaal Sobani
Founder and CEO, Pledgee