Jane Chu

Personal Real Estate Brand Identity

Branding, UI/UX, Web Dev

Standing out

An in-depth study and use of colours for a Rennie agent

Jane Chu is a Real Estate agent with Rennie & Associates Realty. She reached out to us over Instagram and met the following week in Kitsilano. She was excited about the project, and so were we.

The overall brand identity had to resonate with Jane's following on social media. It revolved around the use of natural elements and marble background to illustrate a very professional yet modern approach to real estate.

A minimalist design with minimal copy was needed to communicate strength and simplicity, while being mindful of a web visitor’s time. Castle Lab took a holistic approach to typography using fonts that balance hand-written, natural & rounded corners to communicate a personable approach to real estate.

Although the primary purpose of Jane's website is to serve as a  business card, we embedded Drift, a lead generation tool which allows for visitors to directly message her 24/7. Most importantly, Jane receives and answers these messages from her phone. When she is unable to respond, the lead generation tool automatically catches the visitor's contact information and stores it directly into a structured database.

Style guide

Dawn Pink
Spring Rain

Let’s dive into

The Branding

Exploring the city

From different angles

Vancouver feels big and small. We often stumble upon new neighbourhoods, and wish we had discovered them earlier. Jane’s website changes your perspective on Vancouver aesthetics, while pushing you to learn more about the city’s diverse communities.

Fit your demographic

Custom Icon design

A website is a full experience, and for that every element should point in the same direction. The icons our designers craft can be used for any marketing channels.

Start showing off


Any unnecessary information, button or animation were removed. Instead, we focus to displaying only the most relevant call-to-actions. There is little freedom to navigate around, and therefore minimal risk of stumbling upon an 404 error page. The user is given only few options, and is incentivized to contact Jane.

Let’s buy, you and I

Guide & Resources

Jane’s website isn’t designed to push her properties down your throat. Instead,  we set up resource pages that provide relevant real estate information for new comers.

The Castle team was an absolute pleasure to work with given my busy schedule, they quickly understood what I was looking for and they delivered in a timely manner. Castle constantly has a pulse what the industry needs and is providing innovate services ahead of the market. I'm very happy to have worked with this team and would recommend them to anyone considering their services.
Jane Chu
Personal Real Estate Corporation, Rennie