High-end Argentinian cuisine in the heart of Paris

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Heritage & Sophistication

In the competitive restoration industry of Paris

Inspired by the South American gaucho culture and looking to bring the authentic Argentinean flavor to Paris, BAEZ will open its doors in late 2019. 

BAEZ wants to become the standard for premium meat as well as great service among the Parisian milieu. Argentinean cuts of meats and traditional platters will be at the heart of the menu, providing a fine dining experience in an intimate yet cozy setting.

In collaboration with renowned interior designer Elizabeth Hugh Chazalon, Castle Lab has drafted a new visual identity that combines ‘heritage’ and ‘sophistication’ to push BAEZ forward as a unique experience on the very competitive restaurant scene of Place Victor Hugo.

The Guarda Pampa (People of the Earth) was originally created by the aboriginal people of Argentinian and Chilean Patagonia.  This symmetric design symbolizes the reflection of the Andes Mountains in the lakes of the region. The Guarda Pampa, adopted and made iconic by the Argentine gauchos, has become a design that is woven into the fabric of Argentine and Chilean culture.

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Update - December 2019

After two months of construction on Place Victor Hugo, Baez restaurant opened its doors to the wealthy Parisian milieu in look for quality meat and a unique aesthetic experience. Interior design came perfectly in hand with castlelab’s visual identity work, creating a cohesive brand across all channels.

The restaurant has been growing a lot, here's their Gmap profile.