Alexandra Khouri

Personal Real Estate brand and Listings interface

UI / UX, Web Development

On an adventure

To build a real estate brand that doesn’t feel like a real estate brand.

Alexandra Khouri is an agent with Oakwyn Ldt, an innovative real estate brokerage renowned for its high-end, minimalist and classy online brand.

The challenge was to produce a real estate brand that looked nothing like a real estate brand, while providing as much, if not more, information.

Castle Lab focused on photography sourcing, user journey and colour research to provide a revamped user experience. Minimal copy was used to communicate strength and simplicity, while being mindful of a web visitor’s time.

A holistic approach to typography using fonts that balance sharp, upward-pointing angles & rounded corners to communicate a personable approach to real estate.

Building a brand that resonates with Alexandra's following on social media. Extensive use of interior design and architecture photography to illustrate different real estate services.

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Both Alexandra and Castle team agreed to keep the Oakwyn vibe at the heart of design. We put the emphasis on using the brokerage's colours, web layout and fonts in order to give the visitor the most holistic experience

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We removed any uncessary information, button and animation to keep the user's attention on the most relevant call-to-actions.

When searching for the right branding partners, Castle directly stood out from the pack: the level of quality and consistency in their work is unmatched.
Alexandra Khouri
Real Estate Agent, Oakwyn

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