Designer of the Week

This designer describes his experience from engineer to designer

Kayla Vo
September 1, 2019

Meet Jerry, a freelance web designer in Southern California who plans to work for a design company in the future.

Jerry’s love for technology started in high school while he was studying video production. In his spare time, he showcased his skills at a young age as the lead editor for his school’s morning announcements. His projects utilized a lot of Adobe After Effects, and it was there that his teachers began to notice his talent. Jerry believed that although he had a gift for it, he wanted to explore different careers and opportunities. After graduating high school, he studied computer sciences in college for the first few years, focusing on software engineering.

After a few years of college, the CEO of a software rental systems company hired Jerry to change their software from Visual Basic to Java. As he spent more time working in a business-like setting, it led to a heightened fascination for commerce and technology. Because of this, Jerry started some e-commerce businesses, which allowed him to develop strong coding and business management skills. As he continued to expand his e-commerce businesses, he noticed that he lacked skills in marketing and it was then that he decided to change his major from software engineering to digital marketing. He found it frustrating to use web builders like Wix, Squarespace and Wordpress since he would spend a long time creating beautiful websites, only to have then turn out to be functionally limited. To compensate for this, he started learning Adobe applications,Typography, colour visual design and prototyping in order to create more creative and complex websites.

Jerry continues to develop these skills while doing freelance web design, pursuing his love for innovation and technology. In the future, he plans to move from freelancing to working for a company. He aspires to change the way how humans interact with technology through his designs.

According to Jerry, an equally challenging, yet important aspect of design is orginality. Devloping a unique stand-out design is becoming harder due to the increasing competition in the field.

“Always imagine yourself as the user when you’re designing. Impress yourself with your creativity and design as if the user is interacting with another human and not just another computer.”

See more of Jerry’s amazing work! @mr.hanes

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