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Castle Lab among Adobe’s global class of Top Talent 2019

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August 12, 2019

In another record-breaking year for Adobe’s annual Design Achievement Awards, our design studio was among the first to be honoured with the title. Brigitta Angelica was lead designer on the Pledgee project, a mobile app that rethinks the process of sponsorship a child in need.

Born only 2 years ago, our design studio has grown from a 2 person shop to a recognised studio with a network of online talent spread across North America and Europe. It’s an honour to be featured among this year’s class of designers, and we thank Adobe for working on such a smooth collaboration.

Pledgee is a mobile app that serves two purposes. Sponsors rarely see how far their money goes. Due to a lack of communication and transparency in the system, sponsors ignore who the kid is, and whether he / she is performing well. The application first matches you with a child and uses Artificial Intelligence to determine what is the best donation amount. Pledgee then tracks your donations and keeps you updated regarding the kid’s progress. Among the tools used, there was an emphasis was creating subscriptions tiers, a progress tracker, a payment platform and an expense tracker. Millennials are increasingly politically engaged, but ignore how they can have a positive impact.

Pledgee is leading the movement towards reinventing the sponsorship experience, while targeting students and young professionals. Our mobile app would let you access your child’s profile at the tip of your fingers, and browse their recent academics and extra-curricular activities. Pledgee makes data-driven recommendations to assess where you can have the most impact, however small your donation is.

Being approached in the streets and pressured into donating towards an unknown, if not fake, cause makes it an unpleasant experience. What if we could change that?

Donating is like a black box, nobody knows how it really works, but we trust it blindly. Pledgee keeps track of where your money goes and makes you feel good about donating.

Castle Lab aspires to be a hub for the design community, may it be aspiring students looking for advice and case-studies, or even professionals looking for a good laugh from awful client stories. We'd love to have you write on our blog, we are open for personal stories, interviews and opinions on the industry!

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