Good UX design is intuitive, so intuitive that it’s invisible.
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Hi, we're Castle.

Hi, we're Castle.

Award-winning Design Studio based in Canada.
We build beautiful brands and digital experiences for clients across industries and around the world.

Some clients and partners


Reinventing the sponsorship

Branding, UI / UX, App Development


AI Customer Experience (AICX) for global enterprise

Visual Identity, Brand Strategy, Website, Merch

Alexandra Khouri

Personal Real Estate brand and Listings interface

UI / UX, Web Development

XdHacks 2019

Hack through life with design

Branding, Print, UX, Web Dev

Jane Chu

Personal Real Estate Brand Identity

Branding, UI/UX, Web Dev


High-end Argentinian cuisine in the heart of Paris

Branding, Print

How Seven Thai Designers Use Typography to Explore Their Roots

Seven overseas thai designers are reimagining their alphabet based on their essence in today’s context.