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Western Canada's up-and-coming Web Design Studio with a reputation for creating full digital experiences with brands, startups and individuals spanning all industries.

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Why Choose Us?

We specialize in designing + developing websites and mobile apps, using our strong background in UI / UX.

High-end Custom Design
A custom designed website which truly reflects your brand while providing the most pleasant experience to the visitor.
User Research
With a background in cognitive science and UI / UX, our designers craft designs that resonnate with your audience.
Self-edit platform
Give your employees access to an online platform and let them change the content of your website easily.

Our most recent work

Our pricing model allows to build a more personal relationship with the agents we work with. We are very proud to present each and every website we design and build.

Jane Chu - Rennie & Associates

How does it work?

We know exactly how busy you are, so let us manage the project from start to end.
Our step-by-step timeline allows us to meet weekly deadlines while incorporating your feedback.

Week 0:
Meet the team

Our designers will meet with you / skype in to understand your product and vision. You will be communicating with the single lead designer responsible for your project, from start to end.

Week 1:
Version #1 Design

You receive the first design layout for your website. Then, you tell us what you like / dislike about it using our simple feedback interface, and you will send us the photos you want displayed.

Week 2:
Version #2 Design

After incorporating your last feedback, we present to you V2. You then send us copywriting and from there, we start coding your website.

Week 3-4:
Code & Launch

By week three, we have the core of your website coded and we let you play with the prototype. Our engineers then test your website across platforms and browsers to deliver the best user-experience.

What people are saying about Castle

Samantha Place
Macdonald Realty
I absolutely love my new website from Castle! The team did an amazing job creating my vision from a dream to a fresh, user-friendly website. They are quick at responding to all emails, and have an exceptional attention to detail. I have already referred them to some of my colleague, because I am so happy with their service!
Adil Khimani
Team 3000 Realty
Castle holds the future of online marketing for Vancouver agents.

You'll be hardly pressed to find a team that is willing to work so hard and efficiently to please their customers, while making the process fun and engaging.
Jane Chu
Rennie & Associates Realty
Leo and Yuki were an absolute pleasure to work with given my busy schedule.

Castle constantly has a pulse of what the industry needs and is providing innovate services ahead of the market. I'm very happy to have worked with this team and would recommend them to anyone considering their services.
Behnoush Malek
Team 3000 Realty
I have never worked with such a dedicated marketing team before. They are so young yet so determined to provide to every need. I've had such good results & leads. They are the best! Trust me.
Alexandra Khouri
Oakwyn Realty
This UBC startup went above and beyond my expectations for web design. Their pricing model is innovative, and allows me to opt-in and out of their lead generation website addons.
Chenyang Zhou
Soon-to-be agent
I wish I had discovered them before my contract with Realty Ninja. Doesn't matter, I still switched! So worth it. Their designs are unique. They're gonna beat those other big agencies for sure.